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Fred Hassen and Ashton Fitz-Gerald will be presenting an E-Collar Training Workshop at the 2010 K9 Cop Police and Military Working Dog Conference. For more information visit: http://k9copmagazine.com/

CONGRATULATIONS to Brett Smith (Chico, California Police Department) a graduate from our Sit Means Sit Police K9 school for winning the 2009 Las Vegas Police K9 Trial as the Overall winner!! (Brett is not associated with LVMPD).

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Do your K-9 teams perform what you want, when you want, where you want? Can they do so in a politically correct fashion? Are they able to perform in a way to keep your liabilities to a minimum, your success rate at it’s highest and your costs the lowest? Is it repeatable for future K-9 handlers in your department?

Talk is cheap, take a look at our work, and reserve your handlers in our 10 day class.

WE CAN COME TO YOU!!! Contact: info@SitMeansSit.com It’s even more impressive in person!

The mission of the Sit Means Sit police K9 school in Las Vegas is to provide active duty K9 units with a comprehensive, results-proven training solution.

Our program will increase your department’s overall level of K9 training, giving handlers and their K9 partners more control, confidence and real-world reliability.

During this hands on, 10 day program, K9 handlers will see an immediate impact on their handling skills and the performance level of their K9 partners. Or WE CAN COME TO YOU! Ask for details.

Q: What is the cost of the 10 day Police K-9 Handler course in Las Vegas?
A: $3,500.00 + $45/day for accomodation. That includes hands-on training all day every day. No classroom.

Q: Where do we stay while we are at school?
A: Here is a video of the housing that is provided for $45/day. At most, 2 police K9 handlers would be in house at any 1 time.

Q: How many police K9 handlers do you take at a time for a class?
A: We only take 2 handlers at a time. The course is very individualized.

Q: We have several K9 dogs and handlers that we would like to send to class. Is it possible for you to come to us?
A: Yes, please contact Fred Hassen at Fred@SitMeansSit.com for costs and arrangements.

Q: Do we bring our dog?
A: Yes, definetly.

Watch Fred Hassen on his youtube channel where he has a NEW DOG TRAINING VIDEO EVERY DAY!

Have you loved working with dogs during your K9 career? Did you make a lot of valuable connections during your time serving? Is there life after K-9? Of course there is!

Have more questions? Please submit questions to Fred@SitMeansSit.com and we will add it to this Q/A section!

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