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Our Kansas City Dog Training Staff

You have probably seen Kansas City dog trainer Tom Mancuso on T.V. many times!

Tom Mancuso

Kansas City, Missouri
Phone: (816) 878-GURU (4878)
Serving the following Kansas and Missouri Locations: Baldwin City, Belton, Blue Springs, Butler, Excelsior Springs, Garnett, Gladstone, Grain Valley, Harrisonville, Higginsville, Independence, Kansas City Metro, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Oak Grove, Odessa, Olathe, Ottawa, Overland Park, Platte City, Raymore, Richmond, Warrensburg

Our Weekly Kansas City Dog Training Classes

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Sit Means Sit Kansas City Dog Training Blogs

Kansas City Dog Trainer 816-878-GURUTom Mancuso’s Kansas City Missouri Dog Training Blog features regular Kansas City dog obedience training updates and Kansas City dog training news. Tom Mancuso, head trainer and owner of Sit Means Sit dog training of Kansas City is a former United States Marine. Tom is also a certified Police Chaplain with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas

We understand what it means to be frustrated, embarrassed and at the point of “it’s time to get rid of this dog.” But don’t do it!

At last there’s hope! Sit Means Sit, the world’s fastest growing dog training company, offers professional dog obedience training to not only correct bad behavior but also “Wow” your family and friends. When you need help with behavioral issues, dog manners, dog training, puppy training, Kansas City Sit Means Sit is the first place to look. We will train your dog and educate you so that you can control your dog under the most challenging conditions. The Sit Means Sit method combines remote collar training and proven obedience techniques to help owners effectively communicate with their dogs.  You will be amazed at how quickly your dog understands your commands and becomes a happy, safe, obedient dog that everyone can enjoy.

We can help put the “best” back in “Man’s best friend.” Whether it’s house breaking, stopping the dog from jumping on everybody, or just taking the dog for a walk, Sit Means Sit of Kansas City can make it enjoyable to take your dog anywhere at any time, even off leash. From experience we know that an obedient dog is a joy to own.

Watch Tom having fun with his dog ‘Fia’, and Join the long list in Kansas City of happy Tom Mancuso customers like these!

I am writing this letter to let you know what a great trainer you have in Tom Mancuso here in the Kansas City area. He has worked with our dog Trapper for 2 sessions now and has done wonders with him. We felt that our dog would never listen to us and be to excited to have company over. Never in my life would I have thought that my dog could do what he is doing now with such little time of training. Mr. Mancuso has been very professional and courteous on every appointment and seems to genuinely care about the progress of Trappers training. I have told everyone that I know who owns a dog about Sit Means Sit and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work.

Darren and Teri Owen

My little Yorkie, Mandy, was very difficult to handle. At almost 2 years old she barked incessantly at everything. When family or friends came over she was totally out of control. The best thing that ever happened to me was contacting Tom Mancuso and learning about the Sit Means Sit dog training method. After only one week she was greatly improved. After the 3rd week, unbelievable progress. I would recommend this method to any one with dog training problems.

Nancy Odyja, Independence, MO

I called Sit Means Sit after having no success with training at a
local pet chain store. Neeko is a 8 month old Cairn Terrier, who
although cute and sweet, was beginning to exhibit typical diva dog
manners. She barked, nipped, pulled on the leash and the list of
demands was growing by leaps and bounds every day. Coming home from
work to a puppy who acted like a diva made me think that I wasn’t cut
out to own a dog until Tom came to the rescue with his demo and
instruction. In just a week she changed for the better. By the
second week, walks were a breeze because she focused on me, her
leader. And she even looks at me when we walk. Needless to say
Neeko’s behavior has improved tremendously. I get comments about how
well behaved she is when I take her out. More than anything our
relationship is better and bonded. She looks forward to wearing her
collar. And her personality has been able to shine. Neeko has
changed from a diva into a class act thanks to Tom and Carrie.

Kimberly Williams

Tom and JB,

Wow, where to begin? Bull’s Eye (Jack Russell Terrier) kept us on a constant watch for escapes! Anytime the door was cracked open he would be on the loose and we would spend hours chasing him down or waiting for a phone call that someone had him. He pulled us around when we took him on the leash, barked non stop at other dogs, birds, squirrels, children etc. Basically, he trained us to move our lives around to suit him. But Sit Means Sit and JB gave me the dog of my dreams!! I can’t say enough about Sit Means Sit training and JB. I am a single mom and was concerned about spending the money on Bulls Eye but I knew I had to do it or we were going to loose him one day. So I did it. It was the BEST MONEY I have ever spent in my lifetime!!! His personality has not changed at all, he is still the wonderful, loving dog he has always been, but now he is obedient and a delight to take outside and other places. My neighbors are thrilled and constantly commenting on what a change they see in Bulls Eye. He is so much happier as am I. I am eternally grateful for Tom, JB and Sit Means Sit!! Sign us up for more training!!

Jennifer M. Gaines

Sit Means Sit was a godsend for us. We have four big rescue dogs – 55 to 80 lbs, all mixed breeds, and all 6 years old or younger. Overall, they have always been pretty good dogs, but we’d allowed them to develop some unpleasant habits – bolting out the doors and gates, crazy barking at roaming dogs and visitors, jumping up to greet people, not coming when called, and Rani had a bite problem, guarding food, toys, her bed, and her crate. Within the first visit, we were able to keep all 4 dogs seated calmly on the rug in the entranceway, waiting for permission to exit. I was able for the first time to reach into Rani’s bed and crate and take things from her without having to worry about getting nipped. That alone was a miracle in my book. On the second lesson, we were able to take all 4 dogs off-leash out in the unfenced front yard for the first time ever. Over time, we’ve learned how to use the Sit Means Sit system to teach the dogs just about any command we want, and have them obey! We tell people the collars and remotes are ‘hearing aids,’ which is exactly what they are for us. The thing to remember about Sit Means Sit — it’s a tool to allow responsible, involved and patient owners to better communicate with their dogs. It’s up to me and my husband to work the system and use the skills and tools that Sit Means Sit provided us. The greatest gift Sit Means Sit gave me was the confidence to work with the dogs. I know they’ll listen now, I just have to teach them what the words mean and what ‘right’ looks like.

Crystal and Dirk Blackdeer, Tonganoxie, KS

We love being able to offer an internationally-recognized program of dog obedience training, Kansas City dog owners can have the best training in the world in their own backyard.

We love Poodles and Pitbulls and every dog in between. We offer private in-home training as well as “unlimited” group classes. It’s important that your dog be obedient not only at home but also in public at all times. Trying to figure out how to handle your dog on your own is difficult.  Let our professional Sit Means Sit help you achieve your dog obedience goals.

Believe it or not, your dog can do it. Tom Mancuso, Head Instructor and owner of Sit Means Sit dog obedience, Kansas City is dedicated to bringing out the best in your dog. Call or email for a free home consultation and demo. And sorry, we don’t train husbands, wives or kids!

Because we have a “See it before you believe it” philosophy, check out
our dog training videos page to see what Sit Means Sit can do for you.


  • Just an update on our GSD that Ben came out and worked with a year ago. When we called you up we had just gotten a 6 month old GSD with a head injury that left him parially deaf and having seizures. We are happy to say he is seizure free, can hear well and completely off all meds now!
    Last month Andre recieved his AD and SG1 in conformation in a Regional Schutzhund show. We have also gotten his CGC and working on his BH. I will also be working on titling him in Obedience in Schutzhund.
    Thank you so much for helping us with a difficult situation. Just thought you would enjoy hearing how well he has turned out!
    We are quite proud of him
    Bob & Leslie Ober
    Spring Hill, KS

  • Lschott443

    Hello, is this something that is only available in your state? I am in Northeast Ohio and need help with 2 dogs, a barky, jumping, schoodle and a 9 year old independent mini schnauzer, both who are not great on leashes!!
    L Schott

  • We have three locations servicing Ohio. http://www.sitmeanssit.com/dog...

  • Steph Allen

    Hi...I'm interested in your services and a demo of your training techniques. I live in the Lee's Summit area and have a one year old Schnoodle that is a "door dasher", barker and jumps onto guests. We absolutely love her, but not her behavior. Please help! My cell number is (816)520-6186.

  • Ann Davis

    I recenlty adopted 2 Italian Greyhound puppies-- 6 and 7 months old. They had been raised in a breeders home and had been in a kennel their whole lives with many other dogs. I believe they weren't socialized with people much and didn't do much outside of the kennel. They had never even been on a leash at that point.

    I knew I had to get them trained and found Sit Means Sit. Tom came to the house to tell me about the program. Sam was uncontrollable, jumping on Tom and licking him. While Lilah was terrified and barked the whole time. Tom had me put Lilah on the leash and give the end of the leash to him-- he slowly pulled her into him-- guess what, she quit barking!! I was sold at that point.

    The first lesson that Tom showed up for, I was ready to pull my hair out!! I had a friend that was visiting-- for 2 days, Sam was doing his uncontrollable jumping and Lilah had barked non-stop. My friend was ready to leave after a short period of time! Tom got there and said we will, "fix it tonight." Sure enough, by the end of the first lesson, both dogs would come on command, Sam had learned "off" and would quit jumping when told, and Lilah quit the barking.

    In a few short weeks, both dogs are now walking with out choking themselves and are not tripping me anymore. They come when called, and stop doing things they shouldn't do when told "off". They can sit with a little coaxing, can go to a "place" when coaxed, and lay down, and can also roam around in the backyard without being on the leas and will come back to me when called.

    I admit I was a little skeptical in the beginning. I was nervous the collars would hurt them and hurt their spirits. I can guarantee that this has not happened. And at times now, I can tell them commands and not even use the collar. I am quite pleased at their progress! But also a little sad that our lessons are over. (now I wish I'd signed up for the lifetime classes). They are in no means perfect yet, and we still have a lot of work, but I believe without the Sit Means Sit and Tom's help, I probably would have given up in frustration and would not have been able to keep them. I will definately be taking Sam and Lilah to some of the classes to keep us all on track and to keep them socialized.



  • Do you ever sell trained dogs? I am looking to purchase a dog for companionship and protection that is already obedience trained. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Karla Vogel

  • Jack Peak

    I have a 12 week old Australian Shepherd puppy. Do you offer puppy school? This is my third Aussie and I have found that puppy school is essential.

    Is 12 weeks too young to start? I tie her lease to my belt each day when I go to the barn to do chores. She is also learning sit and not not to jump.

    I think she needs puppy school for socialization.

  • Emily Coleman

    My name is Emily. This is my last semester in college and I am interested in pursuing a career in dog care/training, especially with larger dogs. I saw your website and wanted to find out more about your facilities and possible employment. Though I do not have any professional experience with animals I have had many pets throughout my life and feel comfortable around all breeds. If you have any information or suggestions for me, I would really appreciate it.

    Emily Coleman

  • Hi,
    Do you board and train? i live in st. joe and would like private training for my 5month old rottweiler. mostly simple things


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