Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Los Angeles

Fred Hassen and Luciano Aguilar ( doing a demonstration at the Beverly Hills Hilton, in Los Angeles California.Sit Means Sit Dog training has a location in Los Angeles, and many other areas that specializes in off-leash obedience during any sort of distraction. The “Sit Means Sit” dog training philosophy, is that a self-disciplined, happy dog, leads to a lot more freedom for both the owner of the dog, and for the dog itself. This is achieved through the Sit Means Sit dog training system, that was originated, and developed by Fred Hassen, and is a constant work in progress. Luciano Aguilar, and Fred Hassen from Sit Means Sit dog training of Los Angeles California, are shown here in this video of dog training, dog obedience and dog behavior seminar that was held in Los Angeles California. Join us on Sit Means Sit Social Media!! Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:

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