Dog Training Competitions can be fun! Test your skills! At Sit Means Sit Dog Training, we believe that competing with your dog can be very healthy and can bring your training to a whole new level. Our trainers are very passionate about what they do, so sometimes competing is a natural by-product of that. It’s also good to know that the training system that you are using can hold up in an environment where no cookies, leashes, collars or other devices are allowed. We have many trainers that are accomplished and have done well in many different venues such as AKC Obedience, Police Dog Training, agility dog training, Search and Rescue, Dock dogs (Dock Diving), PSA, Hunt Tests (Retrieving) etc, etc. This video shows my business partner getting another leg for his Mondio ring 1 which is a fun sport also. Whatever you want to do, have fun doing it! If you want to learn from a wide variety of trainers with skills, then look into getting your own Sit Means Sit Franchise business! In this video you see Alfredo Rivera with “Puma”. Alfredo passed his 2nd Mondio 1 trial and has been doing this for just a short time. He seems to really enjoy it.

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