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How Fred Hassen and Sit Means Sit revolutionized the world of dog training.

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Dog Training Basics

The grandparents and the kids get involved in this daily training session. This is their first session with their West Highland Terrier. This dog breed is also referred to as a ‘Westie’.

Sit Means Sit remote collar dog training system makes things go easier and much more fun for everyone at our lessons with the various tools and techniques that we use that are adaptable to everyone, as can be seen in this video.

The family getting involved will make for a better pet, and a more well-rounded animal. This family is well on their way of learning the basics of our dog training system. The products and equipment that we use in this video are available at our online store.

Dare to learn about a career choice – This 14 year old did!

Is a dog training career right for you? Some people learn early on in life what business or career choice is best suited for them, 14 yr. old Mackenzie Aeberli of Sit Means Sit dog training certainly has. Mackenzie is seen here with her 14 month old dog ‘Ace’ doing some incredible things. Some people are naturally gifted in certain areas, and then just need a mentor to lead them down the required path of their chosen profession. Mackenzie Aeberli has found all that with Sit Means Sit Dog Training.

There are 3 essential parts of becoming a good trainer.
1. Time
2. Patience
3. Passion

The first two qualities above (Time and Patience) are something that can be learned and/or acquired, but Passion is a difficult thing to teach. People usually have it or they don’t in a specific area. Those that have it usually spend most of their waking hours consumed in it, and Mackenzie Aeberli is certainly on the road to becoming one of the top dog trainers in the world.

For information on becoming a Sit Means Sit dog trainer and starting your own successful career visit:

German Shepherd Dog – Follow the transformation of this dog and people aggression.

This is the first of a few clips of 1 session of a dog and people aggressive dog that was brought to me at our recent Sit Means Sit regional seminar in Denver Colorado that is a continual learning experience for our Sit Means Sit location owners. With all of their help, the next few days you can join us for the transition of this turnaround of this dog Sit Means Sit style!!

This training is only 1 session that has been broken up into a few different videos, and you will be able to click on each one of them as you get started. Please leave your comments on the various things that you might do, or questions that you might have on what you are seeing. The Sit Means Sit dog training Collar is used in all of our training, as i have personally been an integral part of the making of this collar that now bears our name and has a lifetime warranty. I put together all the various modes that the collar has on it, that makes it easy to adapt to any situation, or any training style.

I had never seen this dog before, and this nice couple had volunteered to bring this dog to our regional seminar for some of our Sit Means Sit dog trainers that was held in Denver Colorado, so that we could use this to increase the training knowledge in learning to deal with these types of dogs. You will get to see some of the Sit Means Sit trainers and their dogs as this video moves a long to later parts.

Bill Fields, Former CEO of Wal-Mart and our dog “Tank”!

Bill Fields, who worked very closely with Sam Walton in Building the Wal-Mart empire was the special guest speaker at the opening of the
Trump Network at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and of course he had to have our dog ‘Tank’ accompany him!

Mr. Fields is a real inspiration to anyone in the business and motivational arenas and a great dog lover as well. We actually had no idea of the different things that
Bill Fields was going to do with ‘Tank’, nor did we know he was going to hand him off to a little girl as well. Mr. Fields just calmly took ‘Tank’ when they were first
introduced, and walked him for no more than a few seconds. The rest of the time, Bill Fields just sat next to ‘Tank’ and petted him. I guess dog’s can recognize
other dog lovers immediately, and it’s obvious how Mr. Fields has been such a successful leader in everything!

My wife and I had a memorable experience in meeting Bill Fields, and we are very happy that we got the opportunity to video it and show others.
If you ever have a chance to meet this man, don’t miss it!!

Dog Training Commands – Practice them at different speeds

Having your dog practice his dog training commands at different speeds helps to keep him paying attention to the command, and not just blindly falling asleep
into a pattern. Even if a dog is in a patterned trained discipline, it is still good to keep him alert and on top of his game. This type of training will always make the
dog ready and anxious for not only the next session to start, but it’s good for holding his attention for a longer period of time while he is having fun going through
various behaviors.

Taking a dog in and out of different drives can best be accomplished by having a strong foundation in everything that the dog does in training it from both ends of stopping
and starting, and you would also have to have a firm foundation of the dog having the ability to stay in a single spot while working away from you. Some dogs can be trained
in a manner that makes them insecure and they will constantly try to just run by your side. I like to have my dogs confident from anywhere, and implement that daily in
my training. Click here if you want to see some fast commands from a police dog exhibition.

Dock Dogs this weekend at Bass Pro Shops!

This weekend we have a big Dock Dogs event coming up with our Las Vegas Dock Dogs club. This event will be held at Bass Pro Shops here in Las Vegas, and is
part of a big weekend that they have planned. It’s not often that anyone off the street can get a chance to jump against some of the best dogs in the world, but this
weekend anybody, and everybody will be able to do just that!

“Power Puma” the 2009 Dock Dogs National Iron Dog Champion, and “Rex”, who took 2nd place overall in the Iron Dog National Championships last year will both
be out there and you can not only get to meet the dogs, but jump against them and take advantage of a great opportunity to have your dog strut his stuff up on the dock.
Anyone interested in joining Las Vegas Dock Dogscan click the link provided and get a hold of Lianne so that you can
get out there and jump your dog, or if you can’t make it you can set an appointment to perhaps give it a try on the dock on another day. Las Vegas Dock Dogs has a full
sized dock for practice by appointment. Looking forward to seeing you all out there, and come back and leave me a note on how you liked it!

Protection dog training- Teaching the dog to push or pull in practice also.

In protection dog training, some people like their dogs to push into the bite, yet others like them to pull. This gets into all aspects of the dog’s behavior and his habits.

In this daily dog training video, we show how if you are someone like myself that likes the dog to push, then we try to implement that behavior into other activities that the dog probably gets in a lot more repetitions of then his daily bitework.

Protection training might take multiple people involved in most instances, yet you may get dozens of repetitions in of the dog playing with something else out of your hand like a ball or a tug.

I personally like to implement the habit of him pushing into all of his daily activities that involve grabbing or biting, so that the habit becomes more intact, and that it is more easily enforced in the bitework.

You see in this video 3 of our trainers all heeling with a ball, although a tug or any other training aid could be used, and that the dog is not tugging, but rather moving forward with us while we are using it. Please leave your opinions and comments on the matter as well. Here is a video of this training carried over to actual bitework and the dog pushing into a bite.

We will also be providing some live demonstration on pushing into a bite at this years Police Dog Training conference. Hope to see some of you there!

To become a Sit Means Sit dog trainer, here is some information on our dog training business.

The ability to transfer dog training easily.

In today’s dog training video, we learn about having the ability to transfer dog training from one person to another using our Sit Means Sit dog training method.

Mackenzie Aeberli, one of our Sit Means Sit trainers, is seen here taking my personal dog and making the appropriate adjustments with our Sit Means Sit dog training remote electronic collar so that my dog will listen to her as well. Every person will see levels that need to be used a little differently because of their individual human perceptions.

Mackenzie trains with our Colorado Springs location, and happened to be in Las Vegas for a few days getting some additional training that we provide for franchise owners and trainers. She is able to transfer the training to her at a very high level because of her skills. This would vary with each individual.

She has never worked my dog before, and having the ability to do that when the owner is close by can come in handy in the dog training world. A lot of times a dog may be sent away for training, and when the dog returns, the training needs to be transferred. A lot of times you may see the dog not working nearly as well for someone else, but you can see Mackenzie’s ability makes it so the dog looks just as good for her and is paying no attention to me at all even though I am close by.

Some truly incredible dog training in this video

Here is a really amazing youtube video that I found. A lot of the things that you see on here take a really stable
’stay’ command, and there reliability at doing very difficult things, with a large number of dogs and breeds is
very impressive! Enjoy!

Tradition? Bah-humbug!

Sometimes in life, you just have to get out there and do things outside the norm.